Important Note: Masjid Al-Ihsan is a place of worship and is open to all Muslims and all persons who want to learn about Islam. No membership is needed for the use of the Masjid facilities for these purposes. ISNRV active membership is strictly for organizational purposes to participate in the elections, run for a Trustee or Shura member position, or hold an executive office.



To become an ISNRV member, please download the Membership Form, fill it out completely, and include your dues payment. If you choose to pay using PayPal*, please submit a copy of the receipt with your application. Your application and payment can be dropped in the ISNRV Membership box underneath the donation box in Masjid Al-Ihsan. Alternatively, you can mail your application to our address:

Islamic Society of New River Valley
1284 N Main St
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 961-5210

* To pay online, please go to DONATE page and follow the instructions.

Mailing Lists

ISNRV Members List:

There are several mailing lists in our community that are of benefit to our members. The newly created list - - is the one that will be used to reach all ISNRV active members and Masjid Al-Ihsan patrons. Since it is still a new list, the ISNRV continues at the current time to reach Masjid Al-Ihsan patrons through the MSA listserv. To request to be added to the ISNRV new listserv, please send an email to .

ISNRV Ladies List:

ISNRV stands for Islamic Society of New River Valley. This listserv is made for the sisters of Blacksburg and the surrounding area. Only Muslim ladies are allowed to be members of this listserv. They post lessons for the sisters and events that are only for sisters. If you are a sister and would like to be on this listserv please send an email to

MSA Members List:

This is the offical MSA listserv. This mailing list is used for announcements only. Any event happening in Blacksburg or Virginia Tech that concerns Muslims will be announced here at MSA listserv. If you would like to join this listserv, go to MSA's website at and click on "Add to Mailing List".