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Announcement: Assalaam Alaikoum Dear Brothers and Sisters, InShaa Allah, the ISNRV will hold its General Body Meeting on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 2:00 PM. The meeting will take place in Masjid Al-Ihsan, 1284 North Main Street, Blacksburg, VA. more...

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Whatever you give or spend in the way of Allah will be returned to you in manifold increase. Allah, the most Bountiful and the most Loving, commends: Lend unto God a goodly loan. Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf you shall find it with God, as better and richer in reward. [al-Muzzammil 73: 20.] Our current Masjid in Blacksburg runs entirely through donations. We all have a duty to serve our Masjid in many ways. Please consider making a small donation today or setting up monthly donations via PayPal. "the most beloved of actions to Allah (swt) are the most consistent ones, even if little in amount." (Bukhari)

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Mission Statement

The ISNRV's mission is to promote a closer understanding between all Muslims residing in the New River Valley and the surrounding areas in Virginia, and to foster a Muslim community based on the basic tenets of Islam. To that end, the ISNRV organizes religious, social, and cultural activities for the benefit of the Muslim community. In addition, the ISNRV strives to promote friendly relations and understanding between the Muslim community and the general public, and to disseminate information on Islamic principles.


Quran Verse of the Week

Allah (swt) says in Surat Al Baqarah:

O men, serve your Lord Who created you and those before you, so that you may guard against evil; Who made the earth a resting place for you, and the heaven a structure; and sends down rain from the clouds, then brings forth with it fruits for your sustenance; so do not set up rivals to Allah while you know (2:21-22)".

Faith is an important aspect of a Muslim's life. ISNRV strives to provide an enriching spiritual experience to Muslims in the New River Valley by holding daily congregational prayers, Friday sermons and prayers, Eid Prayers, and several religious activities that focus on the study of the Quran and the tradition of our beloved prophet (pbuh). Please, refer to our Calendar of Events to browse the different programs we offer.
Community and Family
Family in Islam is the building block of a community. The facilities at Masjid Al-Ihsan provides a welcoming community center where families, students, and children find venues to come together to worship, learn, and socialize. Click here to view some of the pictures from previous events.
Hadith of the Week

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, said:

"Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan with faith and seeks Allah's pleasure and reward will have his previous sins forgiven."
This hadith is related by Ahmad and the compilers of the sunan.